Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shoreline Village, Long Beach

It's be a little over a week since my Canon DSLR arrived, been taken picture almost everyday. Still learning the technical aspects of the Canon, thanks to many online tutorials and the owners manual, I've learn a lot already in this short time. Here a few sample of picture I took at Shoreline Village in Long Beach. I think I need to get a Flickr account, so I can share all my pictures. These small pictures don't really do them justice.
(I have opened a Picasa Web Albums account,so this post have been revised as of 6/8/09)

Monday, May 18, 2009

1st Entry

Lately I been contemplating buying a new camera and getting more serious about photography. Always having a love photography, I decide to go for it and purchase an entry level digital DSLR. I reviewed many cameras online and checked them out at many local retailers, finally made my choice. I chose the Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D, which was closer to my budget and had all the features I need. Another reason why I made this purchase is wanting to pursue a new career, photography. Currently being unemployed I have had plenty of time to look for a new job, not finding anything that paid enough or even interested me. I thought to my self, why go work for someone else, why can't I start my own business and have financial independence. Many people talk about doing what they love and the money will come to you because you are passionate about that one thing. I think I found my love! The first day my Canon DSLR came in the mail, I was so excited & couldn't wait to go test it. I'm still learning to use all the wonderful functions of my camera, as well as the art of photography. I will blog about my adventures in photography, as well as post samples of pictures. I welcome any comments, suggestions, or tips to help me become a great photographer.