Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is this what its like to be a Paparazzi?

So lately I have been lacking in my blogging and photography post. Works been busy and a bit hectic. I try to carry my DSLR camera with me as much as possible, you just never know where your going to be and get a great photo op! So this week I was working at Compton HS and a great photo opportunity came up. The actor/singer Tyrese Gibson was at Compton HS doing a motivational speech to the students. The night before I had just taken my DSLR out of my car, which is so typical the one day I needed it my camera I didn't have it. I was having a mega TMZ paparazzi moment, all I could think of is I need to get some pictures. Luckily I always carry my handy dandy Sony Cybershot point and shoot, so although I didn't take the greatest pictures. I was able to capture the moment. It was interesting trying to get a good shot amongst all the people crowding to get close to Tyrese. It made think of all the paparazzi, you know dudes from TMZ and other agencies. Although most celebrities hate paparazzi, it is a hard job trying to maneuver around to get that one golden shot of the celebrity. So check out my pictures and let me know, do you think I could be a paparazzi?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Retro Row on 4th Street

On August 22, 2009 I went down the street from my apartment to Long Beach's Retro Row sidewalk sale. Retro Row is on 4th street between Junipero and Cherry Ave and is a eclectic collection of vintage shops, restaurants, bookstore, cafe & movie theater. All shops are independently own, which carry unique and interesting items. Sidewalk sale was fun, I captured some pictures to show the mood and people enjoying another beautiful Saturday in Long Beach.