Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con

On Saturday 10/3/09 I attended the 1st Annual Long Beach Comic Convention. Although I may not a huge fan of comic books, video games & all those geeky things, I do enjoy art, creativity and good action adventure movies. Long Beach held its first ever comic convention, my boyfriend and I decided to go check it out and take some photos. It truly was amazing to see how many comics there are now, along with all the characters that have been created through the years. Many people came dressed as their favorite comic character, which is what the conventions are known for. We saw comic books, toys, artist, video games, movies, technology, wrestlers and a few famous faces. I was not able to take pictures of the celebrities as most were there pimping them selves out and selling pictures and autographs. We saw Lou Ferrgrino, Anthony Michael Hall, Nick Simmons with his mom & sister (they were the only celebs I got pics of) many others that are involved in sci-fi movies or shows. Tyrese Gibson was scheduled to be there as well, to promote is comic book.  He never made it and canceled from what I hear. I actually got to meet him a week earlier, so if you really want to see him check out my post on Tyrese at Compton HS.
We also were able to see a movie that is going to be released on DVD called Trick'r Treat. It was cool horror movie, in the style of Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow. Over all I have to say I enjoyed my 1st ever experience at a comic con, I guess I was expecting a bunch of nerdy dudes just walking around drooling over their comic books. I was pleasantly surprised to see the diversity of people, young, old, women, families and of course there were a few geeky dudes drooling over comic books. Take a look a my pictures and hope you enjoy what you see and maybe next year I'll catch you at the 2nd Annual Long Beach Comic Con!